Reservation / Deposits: $2,500 per passenger, Adjustable to Hajj Package Cost. Email to the Name page of Passport of each passenger. Full payment is required during Ramadan, thereafter immediately upon registration.

Cancellation: All cancellations must be in writing to 
with valid reason ie major medical condition supported by hospital certificate.
All cancellation request are subject to a minimum of $1,000 deduction

No refund if cancellation request is less than 30 days prior to departure

Cancellation request less than 60 days prior to departure are subject to $2,000 deduction

Enjoy the Visit HTMEX (Good)
$8,750/per person​; 4 in a room
Departs August 4 and Returns August 18

10 Nights in 5 star Hotel
3 Nights in Medina 4star Hotel Close to Masjid al-Nabawi مسجد النبوى صل الله عليه و سلم

Package Includes the Following:
*Visa processing, Airline ticket (from Chicago-Call for other Cities), Hajj Fees, Udhiya and Transportation 
(from Airport to Hotel-to Ziyarah in Medinah- to Makkah- to Mashaer for Hajj and- to Airport for return journey)
*Breakfast and Dinner.
*Upgraded Tents in Mina and Arafah
*Ziyarah in Medinah Munawarrah
*Accompanied 24/7 by a Knowledgeable Scholor and Tour Operator to Answer your questions about performing Hajj and Umrah according to Sunnah of Prophet صل الله عليه و سلم


Hajj Seminar and Dinner prior to departure
Handbook on how to perform Hajj (Available in English or Urdu)
Ihram for men & Scarfs for Sisters
Customized Draw string bag (ideal for carrying essentials)
Personalized ID badge
Electronic Counter (For Tawaf)
Miswak (Toothbrush)

Packages and Prices are subject to change without notice
Reservation Final upon our confirmation
Costs may increase for conditions beyond our control ie Governmental and/or Airline policies and actions